by Vana Mazi

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released in Japan in 2010
previously unreleased in USA


released February 2, 2010


all rights reserved



Vana Mazi Austin, Texas

Vana Mazi are the most interesting and original group I have encountered for quite some time, both musically and lyrically. Their music is literally addictive as well as intoxicating, and although they might have mainstream pop fans bewildered by their sound, they will equally inspire passion and devotion from those in the know… ... more

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Track Name: Chroma
Do not flatter me with your flattery
behind those eyes, I see the demon's monetary bribery
Oil determined politics and financially governed lies
repetitive inhibitions are sterility
in the instability of your force fed lies
manifest destiny, determinism, the world is yours and no ones
water wars and refugee camps, you cannot threaten me
with a shortage of funds, through the bullets in your gun

So let's genetically modify our food to feed the starving
offer ourselves to peace through war
let's forget who we are, where we came from, and enter the revolving door
pot-bellied pigs in tuxedo trenchcoats observe the obscurity of this song
take a deep breath now it won't be long
unable to comprehend anything further take a step back and say
oh my god

oh my darlin'

oh my god

the cat cleans itself atop the case of an upright bass
modesty lies in the eyes of the beholder
I can see you have gotten tired from the strain
look at this crazy world in which electricity produces the flame
by which we sit fully clothed and warm our metal bones
what is wood when forests are gone and computers build our homes
look at this new universe where parallel would be random
shades of grey

Cigarette butts scatter the alleyways
where children grow wings and fairies play
smoke rings shatter the battered forte
that swings from the string of the fidgeting pigeon's foul play
sugar and splice and technological force
education is now a corporation in this grave new world's revolving door

My darlin'
Oh my darlin'
oh my god
Track Name: Dax
It's that guy in his truck with a delightful FM radio
steering wheel controlled and vanity mirrored, it's computer engined
and to his right, custom built into the dash
is the mega mini kitchen containing all of those sweet
delectable fixins
Now he's using his fingers, he's tapping a little with a half-hearted grin
on his one two one
his upper lip is smudged, he's munching his grub
and his chub is all stuck, packed up into the rut of his gut
and he's shortening, not sweating a wink
bound by twangy sounds his head goes round and round and round

now he's using his blinker, to determine his angle in vehicle
yet sits still and constant, not breathing, unconscious
just able and willing to fill in positions he zooms to his mission
suspended in visions of petroleum and rayon, leather, cotton, freon
career complete with pension, including magazine subscriptions
platinum cards from wall mart, no use in the junkyard
frequent spots on talk show blogs and his machine starts to clog
His blood is so cloudy, pulpy and he's rotting
his meat makes dead fruit and he sucks from his tube

Walk right out the line
don't just sit and wait
it's your life, emancipate from the state
working like a pig, 90 hours a week
and the radio station's playing that defeated melody
Track Name: Anatanotokoro (de)
Anata no tokoro de
Track Name: Oxygen
It is not just what we are paying for things
but where the money goes.
Track Name: Nihon Shu
The cats still make me sneeze
no matter how clean it seems
there's always some dust to breathe
Track Name: Demo Mada
I am not skilled yet
Track Name: The Unwaltz
Track Name: Avete la tessera?
Rises the price of the brick
banknotes always printed fresh

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